Thursday, July 15, 2010

Just call me "Scrap Happy"

Sometimes I sit in awe of how amazing God is and how much He blesses me in my life. I've been "retired" (due to fibromyalgia) for almost 10 years now. We downsized in a big way and get by on one income. (Thanks Hozer!) Inspite of rough days and nights, I wouldn't trade places with anyone I know. Our family actually enjoys spending time together. And I always manage to get the things done that need to be done one way or another. Everything I buy is on clearance or previously used and I jokingly tell my hubby "look! God had a gift for me today" when I return home with a new prize at an amazingly low price! I told Jose that I don't even stop the car for less than 40% off :) So this is my craft room. An accumulation of sale items and thrift items (my desk was 25.00 at the Salvation Army) The curtains I made were made from $2.00 a yard designer fabric from an outlet close to my home. My scrap supplies - you guessed it - all on clearance online and with 40% off coupons at my local Joann's and Michaels. My latest acquisition is the green hutch that I found on Craig's list. This is my happy place. This is where I create. I am grateful!


  1. I am a scrapper & a Stampin"Up! demonstrator--love your room

  2. I, too, have been "retired" because of Fibro, among MANY other things, for 1.5 years. I also have a neurologic condition that makes my hands shake and it is difficult to do many "craft" oriented more hand quilting, embroidery/cross stitch, sewing on buttons, threading a needle... The list goes on. As a "retirement" gift my hubby purchased me a new sewing machine, one that quilts, embroiders, sews on buttons...and most importantly...threads itself. All of the things I have trouble with. It has been my sanity over the past one and a half years. Seeing the beautiful items on your blog gives me hope that my creativity can continue, despite fibro. Thank you for being my inspiration.