Wednesday, August 11, 2010

All God's Creatures...big and small

So on Monday morning I took Barkley for a walk in the neighborhood (although I really didn't feel like going for a walk) and out of the corner of my eye I saw something yellow in the middle of the intersection. I got closer and realized it was a HUGE butterfly just sitting there! I thought for sure it would fly away as soon as I got too close, but it just stayed there. I put my finger close to it's head and it walked up onto my hand! It came all the way home with me and into my house while I fumbled around to get my camera. Then I went back outside (better lighting) and tried to balance my Canon in one hand and press the shutter. Couldn't really focus with this lovely creature on my hand. I ended up placing it on my morning glory vine and taking a few better shots of it before I had to leave to go shopping. When I got home it was gone. I was glad to have the photos. My hubby is quite the "bug enthusiast" so we went online to try and figure out just what kind of butterfly it was. Turns out it is a Giant Swallowtail. The largest butterfly in the US! Who knew? It has a wingspan of 6"! You can tell it's a big guy by the size of it compared to my hand. I love it when God gives me unexpected gifts....even if they are temporary :) Then on Tuesday, Jose came inside the house with this lovely little lizzard! I have to admit I do have a soft spot for little lizzards. What is it about tiny things that are just so cute? I mean if this little guy was the size of a Pagoda Dragon I would have gone screaming through the house looking for a weapon, but because it's so tiny I just wanted keep it. God has such a wonderful imagination to come up with so many wonderful creatures...big and small!

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