Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Christmas in July!!!

Because I've been sewing forever... I have aquired quite a bit of fabric and supplies over the years. But when I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 13 years ago, I was in too much pain on a daily basis to mess with my sewing machine.

All of my "stuff" went into boxes that were stored in the garage. Recently I've rekindled my romance with sewing and have been asking my dear hubby to get my boxes down so I could go through them. Last Saturday, during our yard-sale, I was finally able to browse through my boxes in between yard sale customers! I was so excited to see what had been locked away in the garage all these years! These photos are just a glimpse of what I found! Fabric, thread, seam binding, ribbon, patterns, buttons, zippers.....OH MY! Better than Christmas!
I gave away over 100 patterns and have probably 200 still in my collection.

Some patterns are just classic and stand the test of time, while others......let's just say that even if MC Hammer pants come back in style, I don't know anyone in my family that would want a pair :) I've spent the past 4 days sorting and organizing my treasures. Feels like Christmas and my birthday combined! I am a happy girl :)


  1. wow what a stash! Happy sewing.

  2. good organizing--I love to organize my "stuff"

  3. How fun to see posts on my blog! Thanks ladies!

  4. wow!! how much fun to re-find all your sewing treasures!

    a couple of years ago my sister-in-law and I were buying abandoned storage units, and one of the units was full of crafting stuff. By full I mean LARGE totes & wooden chests stuffed full of everything imaginable for crafting. It was the best find out of all the units lol!! So very much like Christmas & Bday =o)

  5. after not seeing it for so long, it must be like it is all new! I am drooling over all those buttons........

  6. Karen, I really just found your blog, I am a fellow, er lady, apron swapper...wow I am in LOVE with your stash..I just copied a your recipes for the soup and breakfast pizza..and I also have fibro. And I live in CA so I think you and I have a lot in common..send me an email if you would like, wondering how far you live from me...

  7. Oooh, how fun to go through all your sewing treasures!! It sounds like you have a great stash! I try to keep mine hidden so my husband doesn't know how much fabric I own. He might think I don't need to buy any more!!!! Of course I always need more.