Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I am blessed ...

I'm not going to lie....some days are rough. Today is one of those. Didn't sleep much last night and really struggling with pain today. It could alway be worse. I have a wonderful husband who gets up and goes to work everyday so that I can be home and take things easy on days like today. I have an amazing family who are a never ending source of joy! I know how blessed I am. Every minute of every day is a gift from God and we can choose what to make of it. There are things that I just can't do today, but I can sit on my couch in my jammies and do a bit of cross stitch. I am thankful...I am blessed....

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  1. Hi Karen, sometimes we just have to give into it. I am better about that than I used to and don't mentally beat myself up too much anymore..My pain is out of MY control.

    Great cross stitch...see there are things we can do that don't involve a lot of physical activity..we can at least keep our minds busy!