Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday Night was Sew Much Fun!

Friday nights at our house used to be the "Scrap & Smoke".'s not a bunch of women getting together in a smoke filled room to work on scrapbooks with cigarettes hanging out of our mouths :) It was actually a fun family time that the guys would go outside and smoke cigars and work on solving the world's problems while the ladies would stay inside enjoying some coffee and snacks and work on our scrapbooks. Well a few years and a few new grandchildren later, it's only the men who still get together. My girls are both home taking care of little ones and so Friday nights have become "Smoke Night". I miss my time with the girls, but I know that this is the season of their lives that they need to be with their children. I still enjoy my time to get my "craft" on :) Last night, thanks to the magic of the internet, my friend Regena and I chatted back and forth while we both worked on some crafty goodness in our own homes. It was really fun to have that time to sew and laugh with her even though we live about a 9 hour drive apart. I was able to finish this fun ruffled half apron and because my computer is right next to my sewing machine I was able to chat online and still be productive :) I found this adorable Christmas fabric at Fresh Squeezed Fabric on Etsy. It's just so cute! Some of the little Santas have cherries on their hats and the poinsettia fabric for the waistband and ties have cherries on them too. I bought this fabric in a 5pc 1/2 yd bundle. It is imported from Japan. The combination of Santas, poinsettias and cherries just screamed Christmas apron to me! We are going to a Christmas party next week and I'm going to give this apron as a hostess gift. Hope she likes it :)


  1. It was a total blast. Now we need some webcams so we can talk AND work without stopping to type.
    Wait, that means you'll hear my hick accent LOL
    I completed all four ornaments!!! I think I am gonna make four more!! AFTER I buy a glue stick!!!

  2. How fun to Craft and chat with a blogger buddy! You definitely need webcams so you don't have to type. By the way I love the apron. Red is my favorite color and I love all the prints you chose. Very pretty!

  3. Oh Karen! Adorable and the best part is that my friend Monica is the designer of that super cute fabric!!!! Yeah! I'm having breakfast with her on Sunday and am going to forward her the link to your post. She has a flicr site for projects made with her Holiday Happy fabric. I'm sure you'll be hearing from her!
    (Her blog is Happy Zombie and can be found on my sidebar. She has some super cute idea's going on right now for her fabric)

  4. Thanks Paula! I'll check it out. I love the fabric :)

  5. You apron is so cute and such a thrill for me to see!!! And also a thrill is seeing my publicist/bff Paula talkin' such sweet lovin's like that!