Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let the Festivities Begin!!!

 I am not one of "those" people (and you know who you are) that have to listen to Christmas music the moment the the turkey carcass is removed from the Thanksgiving table. I don't believe that the Christmas season should even begin until at least Dec. 1. I don't even decorate my home until December 24th, but I'll explain that in more detail on another day. We all have our own traditons when it comes to the holidays. Years ago, and I have no idea why, I started to tell myself that I didn't really feel like the Christmas season had officially started until I heard the song "Feliz Navidad" by Jose Feliciano. Random...I know. My family knows this about me and they crack up because I'll call them from my car, an elevator, or the grocery store or like this year I was at M & L yardage when I heard it played. One year a friend of mine called me from their cel phone to let me listen to it because they were shopping and heard it and thought of me. By the way...for any of my friends who may read this....please don't feel that you need to call me because that doesn't count in my book. I have to hear it myself in some random way. That's what makes it fun for me. Why that song? I have no idea. Probably because it's not one that you hear every 5 minutes. Maybe because it's a catchy tune? So as of yesterday, thanks to Mr. Feliciano the Christmas season of 2010 is in full swing!


  1. we sing it at church too LOL
    Feliz Navidad y prosper año!
    Sorry can't the little n with the squiggle on the top or can I? mmmmmm ñ ha!!!
    there, fixed it!!
    Prettig Kerstfeest
    Vrolijk Kerstfeest

  2. I hope you have a great Christmas season! I still don't feel like it's started yet. Then again I haven't heard your song maybe I'll feel different when I do. Of course a little snow on the ground would help too.

  3. My daughters birthday is Dec. 4th, so I've always waited to start the Christmas decorating until after her birthday candles are blown out and presents are opened. It's almost time....