Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Birthday So So Big David!

 It's so hard to believe that you are already 3! You were born on Thankgiving Day 3 years ago. I was there with your Mommy & Daddy through the entire labor. You had yourself flipped around and sure didn't make it easy on your Mommy. But she was such a brave little woman and she toughed it out with no pain medicine through all those hours of labor. We were pretty much the only people in the maternity ward that day. Most people were home with their families having turkey dinners. We were patiently waiting for our "little turkey" to arrive :) I can't actually put into words what it meant to me to be there to witness the moment that you came into the world. Thanksgiving will always be connected to your birthday and I will always be so thankful for you!
You are such a creative little guy. You love to do art projects and you love to sing and dance. You enjoy performing your newest dance moves for all of us. Your Mommy is your partner in crime and you'd be happy to spend all your time with her. You look so much like your Daddy and you love to play with him. You have a wonderful imagination and you have 2 imaginary orange dinosaurs that get into all kinds of adventures. I love that now that you are talking more and more you call me on Mommy's phone just to say "hi Nanan". You love firetrucks and trash trucks and pretty much any other kind of truck as well. You like to line them up bumper to bumper. You have always had a very special connection to your "Papa". You love pumpkin muffins (pum pum as you call them) which is fitting as you are a Thanksgiving child :) You also love tune tune (tuna)
 and pickles. I could go on and on about all the things
 that  make you so special.....but most of all,
David you are so so loved and so so wonderful!
Happy Birthday my so so big David!


  1. Very sweet! I hope David has a wonderful birthday!

  2. Ah! What a little sweetie! Happy late birthday to little David~

  3. I LOVE this one, mom!!! I have to admit, made me emotional :) But I guess there would be something wrong with me if I didn't get emotional about my little boy's birthday and all of the wonderful things that my own mom had to say about him =) Thanks for being such a wonderful example for me with my son by always being such an incredible mother!!! And thank you for being the very best Nanan a boy could ever have - and you will soon be a Nanan again (maybe to a little Evie this time!). :)