Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sweet Dreams

Last week I made these 3 pillowcases for my grandsons out of flannel that I had left over from the pj's I made for them for Christmas. I was amazed at how quickly they were completed. It seriously only took me 15 minutes each! I thought of pillowcases because I remembered that when I was about 8 years old the woman who lived across the street (she was the mother of 2 of our playmates) made personalized pillowcases for my brother and I for Christmas that year. She took store bought white pillowcases and put a coloring book page inside the pillowcase and traced a cheerleader for me and a football helmet with my brother's number for him along with our names. She used fabric markers to color it all in. We cherished those pillowcases. I wonder if she knew how much her thoughtfulness meant to us. When I went online to find the measurements of a standard pillowcase, I found this list of free pillowcase patterns. Not only did I find the patterns, but I also read about the 1 Million pillowcase challenge that is going on until the end of this year. You can click on the button to the right to find out more about how you can participate, but the general idea is to make pillowcases that will be donated  to children fighting cancer, abused woman and children, the elderly. It has certainly touched my heart and I will be making pillowcases to donate. When I thought about how it only took 15 minutes to make these for my grandchildren who are healthy, well fed, loved and protected, I know that even at this busy time of year I can find and extra 15 minutes here and there to make some more for those who are not. I hope some of you will join me too :)


  1. well, it may take you 15 minutes, but it takes me an hour. LOL
    those are sooo cute. matching jam jams and pillowcases are the best.

  2. We went to a birthday party last weekend. One of the gifts the child received was a personalized pillowcase. It was ooohed and ahhhed over by all. It was such a wonderfully unique gift. I never would have thought to make one before.
    I'm sure your grandsons will love their special pillowcases!

  3. Regena - these are very basic pillow cases...no frills. It wouldn't take you an hour to make these :)
    Jill - these are going to get the boys names embroidered on the bands too. I'm just finishing an apron that I'm going to have embroidered so I'll take them all in at the same time :)