Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Getting down to the wire....

 We're getting down to hours and not days or weeks anymore. I'm excited that except for some hand stitching and making a bracelet, I"m
D-O-N-E! (I was supposed to be able to say that last week, but oh well.....) Today it was raining outside and I wasn't feeling all that great so I had myself a little pajama jam. I was able to sew these fun canvas bags for the little guys to carry their tiny dinos in. I fused colorful fabric to fusible fleece to give the letters some depth. I used my Cricut cutter to cut out the letters I wanted out of cardstock. I used the cardstock letters as patterns to cut out the fabric. Then I used a zig zag stitch to attach them to the bags. I also used a smaller zig zag to applique the wool felt dinos.

I also completed the "Burger-meister" apron for my brother. I painted the lettering on the apron with fabric paint pens which were amazingly easy to work with. They were on sale at Joann's this week for $2.44 each. When working with dark fabric it's best to use several coats of paint and allow them to dry in between. For the lettering I used the same method as with the pillowcases and found a font that I liked and printed it onto regular printer paper. I taped it to the apron and slipped some tracing paper in between the lettering and the apron and transferred it over and painted it. I also used a tiny zip zag stitch to add a stripe of red and gold to the apron pocket to represent the colors of the German flag. (Black , Red & Gold) My brother is the grill master at his house and I hope he likes the apron :)

For my niece and nephew I made these flannel pj's. Jon is a very talented golfer so I used this obvious golf print to make him laugh and still be snugglie :) And for Jess I chose the pink and brown skull and cross bones with hearts because she is young and funky :)

All in all it was a very productive day!


  1. Congrats for a job well. I'm still not finished my Christmas crafting, but on a plus note Christmas break has officially started.