Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old....


  I have to say that joining the apron swaps earlier this year has been a real game changer for me. I've told my husband before that I thought that sites like e-Harmony needed to have a sub-division for friends who connect on 29 levels of compatibility. I mean there could be someone who lives down the street that could be loads of fun to hang out with but in our fast paced lives, we never meet. The apron swaps have been like e-Harmony Friends for me! Meeting so many crafty ladies who share my passion for fabric and colored paper has been awesome! I know I've mentioned Regena and Amy who crack me up on a daily basis, but are also so thoughtful and caring. There is also Jill who is an amazing crafter that I am getting to know better as well. All these women are so talented (you should check out their blogs too!)

Regena posted a link back in the begining of December about a cool way to organize your fabric with comic book boards. I could hardly wait to give it a whirl, but with all I had going on, I had to wait until after Christmas. So I ordered the boards on Amazon and they arrived last week. Yesterday was the big day to put the plan into effect! I realized that some of my fabric has been in my possession for over 20 years and if I haven't used it yet, chances are good that I'm not going to use it in the next 20 years either. So I'm working out the plans for another sewing day the the church and I'm going to take all the fabric I longer want in my stash and offer it to anyone who might want to take it home. Whatever is left over, goes to Salvation Army. This way I can make room for some of the newer fabrics that I'm totally in love with and I don't have to feel guilty about buying it and bringing it home :) I plan to do the same "purging" with my scrapbook supplies. I'm only going to keep the things I totally love and rest I'll give away. It's a new year....and a new start. Out with the old........and definately in with the new!!!
Forgot to show this maternity apron that I made for my daughter in law :)


  1. I have to say, the before wasn't so bad. I don't even want to show my before, but what the heck. When the wedding dress is done, I will be making a plan of attack!! Having people cheer me on, inspire me and hold me accountable is turning out to be way past awesome!
    Can I be like you when I finally decide to grow up? :-) Well, you with a Trek obsession!

  2. The before was really the "in between" because it was my attempt at organization from earlier in the year but it wasn't really working very well. I'm loving the mini-bolts :)

  3. Your before picture definitely wasn't half as bad as my current fabric stash mess. I have piles and bins of fabric all over the place. I have my retired father in law working on a floor to ceiling shelf to organize all of my fabric and craft supplies. It's also going to have room for my significant collection of children's books.