Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Great Stocking Swap of 2010

Stocking Swap.....say that fast 5 times :) I mentioned before that I was doing a Stocking Swap with 4 friends and today I received the final stocking package in the mail so I can share with you all the goodies I received as well as the fun stuff I had an opportunity to make. The rules were fairly simple.
1. Make a stocking for each person.
2. Make 5 Christmas gift tags.
3. Make a handmade ornament.
4. Enclose a favorite recipe.
5. Mail them out by Dec. 5th.

the tags I made for the swap :)
It's been a lot of fun waiting for the mail, both ways, because I was so excited to see if my friends were happy with what I came up with for them. For Regena (who was the Swap-Mama for this swap and she is also a major Star Trek fan) I made a Star Trek inspired stocking and a Spock gingerbread cookie ornament. For Amy (who mentioned that she likes the homespun kind of Christmas as well as the fact that she loves shoes) I made a boot shaped stocking out of homespun fabric with her name embroidered in cross stitch and a Ninja-bread cookie ornament. For Mark (who said he loves Levi's 501 jeans) I made his stocking out of a pair of Levi's 501's and made him one of the 1/2 eaten gingerbread men ornaments. For Carolyn (who has many interests including scrapbooking and gardening) I made a more traditional stocking with a felt heart and one of the 1/2 eaten gingerbread men ornaments. As you can see by the photos I received the most amazing stockings and fun ornaments from all of my friends. I"ll admit that swaps can be addicting. Waiting for the mailman just won't be the same :)
Regena made this adorable snowman stocking & fun sock monkey ornament :)

Amy made this beautiful stocking with an adorable owl ornament:)

Carolyn made this cute quilted stocking & quilted snowman ornament :)

Mark made this beautiful quilted stocking & lovely photo ornament :)


  1. Great pics! And I do like the shoe shape.
    But Trek trumps them all!! imnsho ;-)
    Thanks for swapin'!!
    And you're right, mail just won't be the same when the last one arrives.
    Now get the hubster to fill them , ALL!!

  2. I wish I had made yours bigger but when I made yours I was still trying to stay within the size stated in the rules that were clearly not rules but more like guidelines :) Anyhoo I almost changed it to a bigger one with a more traditional shape, but that was after I decided to embrace the imperfection. We can just pretend that it didn't come through the transporter the same way it went in :) I'm just glad you like it :)

  3. hey, where's my comment go!! it was a good one too. LOL

  4. I don't like it, I love it!
    This swap has turned out some really quality stuff...seriously!
    All my stockings are the same small size and I'm still not sure how I feel about mr. snowman. Tried to step outside my creative boundaries with each stocking...heck, being crafty in general!
    Your sockawacka is felt, on felt on felt, the one from you is made sooooo nice!
    Quit yer fussin' already! I can never go back to a non trek stocking again! ;-)

  5. Looks like you've had lots of fun with this swap! The stockings are so creative! I love you Spock and ninja gingerbread ornaments!!!

  6. Wow, someone hit the jackpot! The swap looks like it was a lot of fun. Happy swapping Karen!!