Monday, March 21, 2011

Where are they now?

 Over the years I have dabbled in all kinds of craft adventures. Back in 2000 I made dolls for a while and sold them on Ebay. They were all hand painted and sanded and I made all the clothes as well. Each doll was signed and dated. It's a strange thought that there are people I've never met that have things that I made in their homes. I've got to admit, its kinda cool :)  Sometimes I wonder "Where are they now? And why dont' they write?"

The year before last, I made a little Raggedy Andy doll with overalls and a baseball cap with a "D" on it for my grandson David. He had suddenly taken an interest in the Raggedy Ann doll that I made for his mom when she was leaving for a mission trip to the Czech Republic years ago. He still sleeps with his Andy and that's the best feeling of all! With 2 grand-daughters on the way, it just might be time to dust off my doll making supplies again :)


  1. I think you should. I cannot wait to see your creations :-)!

  2. that kitty cat is just too much! outstanding work Karen!

  3. I love the kitty too! When I was a kid I had a huge set of Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls that my mom made me. I also thought it was so special because she embroidered a heart on each of their chests that said I love you Jill. I think your granddaughters will love having their own specially made by Nana dolls!