Monday, June 27, 2011

At long last......LOVE! this is our bedroom. My DH loves blue and by now you know that I love red! (And I absolutely love love love our wrought iron bed!) Do you know how hard it is to find a quilt that has both red and blue in it? Then try to find one with black accents. Almost impossible! I found this one at JC Penny 2 years back that had all my colors in it. It was never my favorite, but I figured at some point I'd stumble across one that I truly loved.......... Not so much as it turns out. I've had this crazy idea for the past few years that I could just make my own quilt. Sure.....why not? <----- insert hysterical laughter here. 
So I've been trying to find fabrics that would work. Nothing really blew my skirt up. I did have a momentary infatuation with Sweetwater's new "Hometown" line but the blue is really more an aqua and although I really do love the more modern fabrics, I'm more romantic at heart, especially when it comes to our bedroom.

Then last happened! Totally out of the blue! Totally unexpected! I was looking online to find a good deal on a jelly roll I need for an upcoming project and I fell totally in love with Moda's "Shades of Blue"!
 Creamy yellows, cozy shades of blue, dramatic black and hints of red! I had never even heard of it before! It must be an older print because it was hard to find it anywhere online. This one quilt shop had a jelly roll, layer cake, charm pack and some yardage. I didn't hesitate to buy it! Have you ever had an emotional response to fabric? No?....just me then :) I can't believe that I found fabric that makes me sooooo happy! I can already picture it on my bed!
Now if I could just decide on a pattern..........


  1. That's my problem...I have way too much of an emotional attachment to fabric! But isn't it fun!!


  2. what great fabrics! You are gonna make a gorgeous quilt!

  3. If you are making it for yourself, do something simple. I like simple squares. Postage stamp style with a white square and a patterned square...that means lots of tiny squares, but it looks great. Irish chain is squares too and can showcase some pearl cotton quilting skills. You can always enlarge Evie's pattern and do that for your bed too

  4. This is going to be sooo pretty!

  5. I get giddy about fabric too! I can't wait to see your quilt when it's finished. I like the idea of doing the pattern from Evie's quilt. Regena is so smart!