Thursday, June 30, 2011

Out of the blue.....

I went to Irvine this morning to drive my daughter to her baby appt (no baby yet) and then stopped by the grocery store on the way home. Just after I finished my lunch, I heard the mailman ring my doorbell.
When I opened the door I saw this red package on my porch! My sweet friend Jill had offered a
"handcrafted by Jill" giveaway on her blog a while back and I was a winner! I had completely forgotten about it and what a lovely surprise it was to receive a package from her out of the blue like that!
 She is so talented! She designed and made this adorable Fairy pincushion and can you believe that chicken painted on a sand dollar? It's a magnet! Yes....she painted it!
She also included that super fun red wooden shoe because she knows that I was born in Holland!
And 3 wonderful doll patterns!
There are people you will meet in life who are so wonderfully thoughtful and generous that when they give you a gift, it is always something that you truly love and not necessarily what they themselves love.
Clearly Jill is like that :)


  1. Perfect little package for you.
    Way to go Jill!!!

  2. Friends are one of life's perks,and you can Never have too many of them!
    Lovely surprise package,especially the sand dollar :)

  3. Karen
    You're too kind! I had a great time creating and collecting tings for you. It was lots of fun for me. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and getting to know you this past year so putting the package together was easy. I'm glad you liked everything.