Sunday, June 19, 2011


It's funny how traditions get started. 3 years ago I made my hubby a fun Father's Day card with photos of him and our grandsons and it became his instant favorite. Seeing that today is Father's Day it's time to unveil the custom Father's Day card for 2011. He told me the other night that it's the thing he most looks forward to each year! pressure...right?
He does sooo much for me every single day that it makes me happy if I can do something that makes him smile! This year's card is my version of an old John Wayne movie poster. The hubs is a huge fan of the Duke :) When I came across this poster, I knew it would be perfect. If you look closely you can see our 4 grandsons and our new little Sofia as well. He was so happy with it he had to show it at church this morning :)

This is the card that really started it all. I made this card in 2009 for Father's Day. At the time we had 3 grandsons. A lot has changed :) Since I had photos of each of them wearing helmets at different times I wanted to incorporate them into one card. I did a lot of paper piecing, cutting out their little bodies and cars. I used ribbon for the highway and brads for the hubcaps on the cars. This one still makes me laugh :)

Besides being a fan of the Duke, my darling hubby loves Star Trek. So last year I made him this card with our son and son-in-law together with my hubby on the front of the card and then my hubby with our 4 grandsons on the inside of the card. I make these cards by printing out the background pictures I find online and then going through my photo files and try to find pictures that will match up to replace the original actors. Then I cut them out and glue them in place. I know I can do it in Photoshop, but I love the look of layering real photos on top of these backdrops. The main thing is that my hubby really loves them and displays them in his office all year long. He asked me today to check into having them framed. That makes it all worth it. So I guess I've created a tradition in our household. I'm already thinking about what next year's card will look like :)

Also for the Dad's at church I made Caramel & Bacon Popcorn from a recipe I found at a cool blog called Zakka Life. You can get the recipe here. I don't know about the men around your home, but all you have to do around here is mention bacon and you have their attention!
I went to and got these great free Father's Day printables to
finish off the project. All the Dad's were pretty excited to receive these today :)


  1. You are so creative! I can see why your husband wants to get them framed! They are such keepsakes!


  2. Terrific cards! I like the 'touchy, feely' ones too as I feel photoshopping makes them like the ones you buy and not so personal. Why not try a shaker card or flip card for next year. Shaker cards are good with beach or snow photos.

  3. fabuloso!! You are too creative for just one person to be!!

  4. What a sweet tradition you've created for your husband on Father's Day.

    And congratulations on winning the prize draw for this month's FNSI. The quilt you're making for your granddaughter is going to be lovely with all those pinwheels.

  5. You think Jose is excited to see his card every Father's am I. You out did yourself this year. Jose is truly blessed to have you and you are blessed to have him. A match made totally in heaven :-)! Much Love to you both :-)!

  6. Great cards! No wonder he wants to frame them! What a great tradition you've started.