Monday, October 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom :)

Saturday was my Mom's 75th birthday. We all woke up early and headed to Laguna for family portraits at La Paz Park. It's been 3 years since the last time we did photos like these and since that time our family has grown a bit more :) My Mom's little family tree has grown to 17 people and we had so much fun taking pictures. I can't wait to see them when Ian, our awesome photographer has them ready for us! After our photo shoot, we all had a picnic lunch and headed to our homes for a few hours. Later everyone came by my house for a BBQ, cake and gifties!

Mom looks happy, don't you think?
The little boys are always close at hand to help out with the candles :)
I guess she liked her quilt :)

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!
I love you!


  1. I am so glad. You worked so hard on it and fretted about the tears.
    Happy birthday Karen's Mom!!!

  2. Looks like you had a great day. Her reaction is priceless. Also it looks like the pillow on your couch matches her quilt, better watch out she might take that home with her...

  3. Happy Birthday Oma! What a wonderful day!

  4. Of course she liked her quilt! It's amazing and it's a gift that is filled the with many, many hours of love that went into making it.

  5. Olá Karen!
    Parabéns para sua mãe pelo aniversário e parabéns para você pelo belo trabalho!
    Gostaria muito de aprender um quilt como este e fazer para a minha mãe.Ela mora no sul do Brasil e lá faz muito frio. Tudo que tenho feito tenho aprendido na internet e as vezes sinto um pouco de dificuldade. Um dia conseguirei!
    Beijossssssssss para vocês duas e até breve!


  6. Hello Karen!
    Congratulations to her for Mother Birthday and congratulations to you for the beautiful work!
    I would love to learn a quilt like this and make one for my mãe.Ela lives in southern Brazil and it is very cold. All I have done I have learned and the Internet, but sometimes feel a bit of trouble. One day I got!
    Beijossssssssss and two for you and see you soon!

  7. What a wonderful birthday celebration! Looks like she really enjoyed her gift! :)

  8. I would say your quilt was a great success. Glad you got some family photos.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitched

  9. Love the quilt, but it's so nice to see a picture of someone loving receiving it! Your Mom looks absolutely chuffed :) Great work!