Thursday, October 20, 2011

I need.....I need.....I need......

Has anyone ever seen "What about Bob?" I'll admit that I've seen that movie WAY too many times! In our family we tend to use lines from movies in our everyday conversations. Well this week I have so many incomplete projects that I keep thinking of the line from that movie where "Bob" tells Dr. Marvin......."Gimme Gimme Gimme.....I need....I need....I need!!!!"
So here it is 9 Saturdays from Christmas Eve and I need all kinds of little things to finish up my projects this week. I made those 7 pacifier bags last week and I still need to get some snap fasteners before I can list them in my etsy shop. I made this cute little corduroy jumper for Sofie and I need 8 large buttons to finish it.

I have these 2 Christmas ornaments that I'm working on, but I need some Crescent floss and I don't have a needlework shop anywhere close, so hopefully today I'll get that and I can finish these up.

And I'm starting on 2 little jackets for my grand-daughters for Christmas. I have the fabric washed and ready to cut. But I need to get 1 1/4" button covers.

Hopefully next week I won't be so "needy" :)


  1. I guess you need to get busy! LOL

  2. I need to get busy myself and start / finish my Christmas gifties!

  3. Hope you get all your 'needs' real soon! Love the fabrics you picked for the jackets! :)