Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Tiny Hat & A Nutcracker :)

Yesterday I enjoyed my stay-at-home-all-day-in-my-pajamas-rainy-day extravaganza!
I made this little hat for Evie. I used McCalls M4682 view D and then added the big flower that I made myself.
Little Evie is so petite that I had to use the x-small size
 and make it even smaller :)
I can't wait to see her little face in this hat!

I also finished up the Nutcracker ornament. I found the pattern on ebay and since so many people have emailed me about the pattern, I've included a link HERE.
I felt that he needed a bit of "bling" so I used some gold seed beads to embelish his uniform before I stitched him up.
You can never have too much sparkle if you are going to be a Christmas ornament..right?

It's going to be hard to part with him and I really want to make some of the other ones included in the pattern, but I've misplaced it. I'm sure it's here somewhere.
Probably under a stack of fabric in my craft room.
But I'll look for it another day :)


  1. That is a whole lotta work there girlie!! i wouldn't have the patience to do it! Good job!
    the hat is still freakin' cute

  2. Love both of your projects. You were busy Nana! The flower is adorable!

  3. Your Nutcracker is Awesome! Not sure that I would be able to part with him either :) That lil hat is super adorable.

  4. The hat is so cute! I can't wait to see her in it either! Please share. The ornament is adorable! Great idea with the beads! :)

  5. The little hat is adorable. Fantastic job on the nutcraker. Bead had just the right touch.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  6. A rainy day to stay home in my pajamas sounds great! It looks like you had a good time and were very productive. How many more weekends before Christmas? I haven't crafted a thing yet!