Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's Quilt Sandwich Time!

I finished the quilt top for my aunt's quilt this morning and I have to say that I am going to have a hard time parting with it! I love this fabric so much. I need to think of something to do with it for my home too :)
Right now I need to sandwich this quilt
and start the hand quilting.
I'll need to pick up a few more colors
of Perle cotton floss to match.
 I haven't decided yet exactly how I want the quilting to look.
So far this quilt has been a "let's see how it goes" project.
No pattern - just wingin' it :)
You can read more about these embroideries here.

Learning to quilt has definitely been a fun adventure and one I'm sure I'll continue for a long long time :)



  1. I would too...and it would be perfect for me..because I have some Hummel music boxes..and was born in Germany and remember my mom owning several figurines. Now my daughter is there.

    Cute pattern and love the colors too!

    Just think of the enjoyment of giving with LOVE and sacrifice!!


  2. She is gonna love it!!! Great job!

  3. Karen you're doing a fabulous job on this quilt! I really love it! I love the colors too and they're not ones that I'm normally drawn to, but these draw me in. The design is awesome! In fact it's basically the same design that I was thinking of for the Christmas Stitchery quilt that I'm working on. I guess great minds think alike! :D

  4. Karen, it's beautiful! The fabrics are awesome and I love that several generations have had a hand in creating this beautiful quilt!

  5. What an awesome looking quilt! Pat yourself on the back for a job will done :)

  6. Your aunt is going to love it. Can't believe what you put together with forgotten pieces from long ago you found. It is just wonderful.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. It is so bright and happy and I'm sure she'll love it! Great job!

  8. Very nice :-)! Just looking at the quilt makes me happy!

  9. The quilt is so cheerful! the embroidered blocks just make it extra special. Awesome work Karen!

  10. Hi Karen, thanks for the return visit.
    I learned to preach the straight zipper, I have done several times.
    And thanks to you huh.
    Talking about your post, a quilt is something I still can not do your work was beautiful.

  11. That is a gorgeous GORGEOUS quilt! :o) I am a new follower. Nice to *meet* you. Love your farmhouse plan, and crafting til the cows come home. :o)