Monday, November 14, 2011

David's "Hepto"copter Quilt :)

My adorable grandson David is going to be 4 next week and his Mommy wanted to get him some new organic cotton bedding for his room. Most of what you can buy already made is pretty boring. I told my daughter that some of the top fabric designers are now offering organic cotton yardage. So I emailed her some options and after showing them to David, these are the prints he picked out! He loved the airplanes and "hepto"copters :) These prints are from the Robert Kaufman's "Ready, Set Go" collection. I added the solid orange organic cotton because orange is David's favorite color.

I didn't have a pattern for this quilt. I just drew up a sketch and did some math and it kind of "evolved" as I was going along. I made 9" blocks and added 3" sashing and then a 4" boarder. The finished size will be 42 x 54.  I'll be backing it and binding it in solid orange. Now it's quilt sandwich time and my problem is that I really want to hand quilt it, but can I finish it by Saturday? I guess I'd better get busy!!!


  1. He is going to be SOOOOO excited! I looks awesome :o) I can't wait to see his face!

  2. Do little of both.
    quilt most of it in the ditch and then highlight some areas with hand quilting.
    win-win and it'll be done-done!!
    he's gonna love it!!

  3. It is so cute! I can't wait to hear how he likes it!

  4. It looks great, he's going to love it! I think you should do a bit of machine quilting to speed it up,then do a little bit of hand quilting as well to personalize it a bit. Honestly David will love it and won't care how it was quilted. It's made with love by Nana, that's what he'll notice!

  5. Too funny! My 3yr old loves "kellycoppers"!


  6. OMG! My husband is a huge RC fanatic with planes and helicopters. I wonder if I could whip one up before Christmas....eek! Really great quilt!