Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Under Pressure....

So I finally decided how I wanted to quilt the Hepto-copter quilt.
 I got some great suggestions to machine quilt some
and hand quilt some.......
but I just love the look and feel of handquilting,
I seem to do my best work "under pressure" 
so true to form, I'm hand quilting the entire quilt.
It needs to be done by Friday night
because David's party is Saturday morning.
No problem....right?

I did manage to get the 6 large squares done last night
while the hubby snoozed on the couch. (poor guy has a cold)

I have a feeling that David will be happy with it.
Isn't he adorable?
And yes, Evie is standing in front of him.
And yes, she is only 4 months old.
I guess someone forgot to tell her
that 4 month old babies don't stand up :)


  1. You are an awesome Nana! Love the pic of the kids. They are too cute!

  2. That Evie is gonna be trouble!!! :-)
    Now I have the song under pressure stuck in my head. LOL
    Go nana, go!

  3. What a cute picture of David and Evie. I can't believe she's standing at 4 months!! Maybe she's in a hurry to grow up. Her little face is so fully of personality, I think she's going to be a firecracker! She's way too cute!

  4. beautiful! I love the colors - so bright and cheery. So I'm new to hand quilting and just put my first stitched label on a quilt - I have to ask - how did you get your stitched message to be so curved? do you use a fabric marker/pencil to write first? how did you do it so small?? inquiring minds want to know =)