Wednesday, November 30, 2011

How about some potholders?

Let's be brutally honest here....
Most of us have some pretty nasty potholders.
A little burned at the edges and covered in
*ew* old crusty spaghetti sauce or melted on cheese! (or both!)
Isn't it time for a fresh pair?
This is a pattern I've shared with you before and you can find the free download HERE.
I just love the sew4home website! So many cool free patterns.
this is super FTS (fun to sew) and they come
together fairly quickly.
I also love that you slide your hands inside these potholders
so I guess you'd actually have to call them oven mitts :)
And how about making some as Christmas gifties?
Make a still have time!!!

I quilted these in a 1" grid pattern.

And I quilted these in 1" vertical stripes.
That's another thing I love about this pattern!
You can do whatever you like as far as the quilting goes!
How fun is that????


  1. Ditto what Regena said. I am making some for Christmas gifties. Hope my binding turns out nice and smooth!

  2. I love the brown ones with the fork pattern! I have to admit my pot holders are terrible. I've actually asked Santa for some to replace my old stained, ripped up ones.

  3. Very nice. Thank you for sharing :-)!

  4. I love pot holders that I can 'slide my hand into' I have numerous scars on the backs of my hands from mishaps with the oven.

  5. You are a dear for sharing this. I just tried creating a design on my own that was a complete disaster. This will go so well with the aprons and kitchen towels I've been making for holiday gifts. Thanks so much!

  6. Love these! Especially the appliance ones!!! :)

  7. Love your oven mitts! Thanks for the link...I hope I make some for gifties!

  8. You post the most wonderful sites. Thanks for sharing!!