Thursday, November 17, 2011

Preppin' for Friday Night!

I recently received my 56 charm squares from the "Charming Christmas Fabric Swap" and after sorting through them
 I realized that I had made 3 piles.

1. Fabrics that I loved :)
2. Fabrics that are cute, but not really my style
3. Fabrics that I would "gift" to someone else.

I'm pretty much a red and green girl when it comes to Christmas decor
The pinks and teals are very cute, but not really me.
So I rounded up all those fabrics and decided to make a
table topper for my Etsy shop. And since tomorrow night is the Friday Night Sew In,
it seems like a perfect time to do this project.
I laid out my fabrics and took a photo to remember my placement
and tomorrow I'll be ready to sew it all together!
This is the pattern I'm using.
It's called "Delightful" by Pieces of my Heart.

Wish me luck!!!!


  1. you need no luck, you got skills, gurl!
    That is pretty cute actually.

  2. I almost forgot about the FSI! Thanks for the reminder. I love the project you are working on, the colors are absolutely adorable and just scream a happy Christmas song!

  3. That is going to be e very good looking table topper.I can't wait for tomorrow's report.

  4. It looks terrific! I know that you will creative something that is absolutely gorgeous :-)! I wish that I could just take a short walk inside your mind and acquire some of your creativity. You truly inspire me :-)!

  5. looks cute! I may "borrow" the same pattern for a cute table topper for my home. Oh and I'm sorry you didn't like one of the squares that I sent! :o)

  6. I can't wait to see the finished product. I'm a red and green Christmas girl too.