Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday Night Sew In #8

Last night was the first of two FNSI's for December.
It was fun and productive!
I now have both little jackets done for Sofie and Evie
 for Christmas.
Evie's jacket is size 6 months and Sofie's is size 1.
Sofies's jacket is corduroy on the outside and soft flannel inside.
I used the same "Little Uptown Girl" pattern
by Make It Perfect.
I really love this little jacket :)
This time I left an opening on the bottom hemline
to make turning the jacket easier than pulling all
the bulk of the jacket through one tiny sleeve.
I closed the opening with a slip stitch.

I'm hoping to get a photo of the girls
in their jackets after Christmas.
I can almost see their cute little faces smiling back at me!

What did you work on?????


  1. I love your little jackets. I know your girls will be delighted.
    Well done!!!

  2. Almost? Ha!! You can see their little faces now!!
    Good job!!

  3. Great job on those jackets. I hate making clothes! Funny enough though I am making pj pants for everyone this year! Ugh! I made a Christmas stocking, a drawstring bag and finished some bottle cap coasters yesterday for FNSI!

  4. Those are adorable. I'm glad you found an easier way to turn it inside out. I'm still chuckling over yesterday's post that it reminded you of giving birth!

  5. Nothing! Didn't get home from the city until 10pm. Maybe next time :)
    Your little coats are simply adorable,I can almost see your grandbabies faces in them myself!

  6. What a great job you've done, hoods and all! They are lucky little girls :).

  7. Those jackets are gorgeous, absolutely adorable. I'm sure the girls will love them.

  8. The jackets are beautiful! I got a few little Christmas gifts done too. I've been working on wine bottle cozies made from recycled wool. I have a few aprons and Christmas ornaments to finish too.

  9. Those little jackets are darling! Beautiful work and I love the colors!