Saturday, December 31, 2011

May the blessings, bless us all!

You're probably thinking....
"hey! You're not supposed to start the Sew Along
 until January 2nd!"
Well I can't win any of the prizes,
 so I can start whenever I want....neener neener!
I made a set of 6 place mats for my wonderful DIL out of these
 bright modern prints from Robert Kaufman.
I used a pattern from my new book that I received just this week.
It's Sweetwater's Simple Home and it's 55% off
It has 35 projects in it and I'm already trying to decide
which one to do next!

About 15 years ago we were at church one Sunday and a young girl was being baptized.
 Her uncle was there and asked the Pastor if
he could say something after the baptism was over.
So immediately after the baptism, the Pastor had the uncle
come up to the microphone to share what was on his heart.
You could see that this man was not used to public speaking
and that in the emotion of the moment, he had completely forgotten what he wanted to say.
He stood there quiet for a moment and then he said,
"May the blessings bless us all!"
It was so cute!
It was clearly not what he had intended to share
that afternoon, but we liked it so much in our family
that we say it often :)
So this is one of those instances where that quote
comes into play for us again.

My son was doing an estimate last week
and called me to ask me
if I knew who Robert Kaufman was.
Hello? Um YES!!!
Turns out that's where he was
and he mentioned that his mom was into quilting
and the guy hands him this fat quarter "mega" bundle
to give me!
Yeah....40 fat quarters!!!!

My wonderful son brought me this lovely stack
on Friday night and now I've made a set of
Christmas place mats for his little family.
So once again,
the blessings have blessed us all!!!
I wish you all a VERY blessed New Year!


  1. those are adorable..i think i'm needing to get that book!

  2. Lucky you! The placemats are fabulous. I enjoyed your story. Thanks for sharing.

  3. holy guacamole!!That is sooooo cool! and the placemats are simply adorable.

  4. Look at your placemats! Way to go! Since I only borrowed the book when I made mine, I'm now seriously thinging of buying my own copy. Quick, make another project so I can oogle it!

  5. Ok, so I just bought the book :o) Happy sewing to us both!

  6. Your little chef nutcracker is just way too cute,it sets off the place mats perfectly! Simply adorable :)

  7. Enhorabuena por el regalo tan bonito, ahora ya no tendrás excusa para hacer un montón de cosas.

  8. Great story and lucky ducky! Love those placemats.

  9. You totally scored :-)! Happy New Year ♥:-)!

  10. Wow I need that sort of phonecall! They look gorgeous, I'm thinking of starting some now ready for next Christmas!

  11. those are so cute and the fabrics are wonderful. I can't wait to get my book. should be here soon!

  12. You were blessed, that's awesome! I like that little quote, very cute!