Thursday, December 29, 2011

I got sidetracked.....

It was my intention yesterday to clean up my sewing room
after all the sewing I've been doing for Christmas.
It's hard to even know what is under all the piles
of fabric that are covering every surface!
But I got sidetracked......

more than once yesterday.

I decided to make these corduroy jumpers
for Evie and Sofie.
I used New Look 6016.

Then I realized that in the corner of my room
I've had these LARGE 24" pillows just waiting to be covered.
I was supposed to make the covers for my lovely DIL
months ago, and it just kept getting overlooked.
So it seemed to make sense to get them done
and make room by sending them to their new home :)

And then the mailman brought me these 2 gorgeous
sewing books that I purchased for 55% off
So I had a bowl of pumpkin soup and some iced tea
 and sat down to drool over my new babies!

I'm embarrassed to show you what a mess I've got going on
over here. Looks like a fabric bomb exploded in here!

I'm hoping that later today I'll have a nicely organized
sewing room and I'll finally find my missing seam ripper!
How can I start the After Christmas Sew Along in this chaos????
What does your sewing room look like after the holiday sewing?


  1. My room was a disaster. I actually had a free day Monday and sat down and organized it YAY!!!!! I'm all ready for a new year and new projects. Let the fun begin.

  2. I just cleaned my craft room up yesterday. I have a beautiful treasure chest and I organized all of my scraps for the After Christmas Sew Along. I still have a bathrobe cut out and laying on my cutting table. It is for Moon, but I am not in love with the fabric so I am procrastinating about making it :-(.

  3. Hi Karen, are you sure that's not MY sewing room? Mine is probably a bigger disaster...I avoid cleaning it but I really need to get to it this week..problem is it turned into a 'dumping ground' for stuff we didn't have room for or a place for, can barely see the floor...I feel like getting a dumpster and just tossing everything.

    I love those little dresses! I must make one for Grace Lily!

    Have a blessed New Year!

  4. you know, that little jumper would look great in a 0-6month size...just sayin

    And you were productive, not side tracked

  5. Looks like you got a lot done! I'm glad that someone else's sewing room looks like mine! Mine is usually in the midst of organized chaos!

  6. The dresses are sooo cute! and my crafty/sewing room look similar. My husband commented on the mess but said "I'm glad you enjoy your room and are using it. I'd hate for all my work to not be used."
    "Creative Minds Are Rarely Tidy!"

  7. Love the little dresses and it's not like you were unproductive for a day by not tidying the room as you made some more lovely things and gained ideas for other items to use up the fabric :)!

  8. I just did the cleanup - so it looks better now! ;)

    Greetings and good luck,

  9. Yay for new books! How do you like the Sweetwater home one? And good luck with the sewing room! Lookd like a lot of creating happens in there!