Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Now I can show you a some of my Christmas projects :)

Now that all the Christmas gifties have been recieved,
I can share the projects that I was busy working on!
I made these 2 messenger bags for my
beautiful daughter and beautiful daughter in law :)
I used this super FTS (fun to sew) pattern
by Keyka Lou! Her patterns are full of
photographs and although this messenger bag
has tons of wonderful details,
it really is simple to do when you follow
her easy to understand instructions.
You can click on the Keyka Lou button on the right
sidebar to go to her site and check out her
awesome bag patterns!
I also made the girls matching make-up bags
from my tutorial.

My nephew's girlfriend is a big fan
of Disney and she loves to bake!
 I wanted to make her
a Minnie Mouse inspired apron
that was fun and didn't look frumpy.
I used the "Pretty Ditty Apron"
by Jamie Christina.

She LOVED it!
Isn't she gorgeous????
(My nephew is pretty handsome too....just sayin:)

And for those of you who were sweet
enough to ask...
Yes! They boys loved their Octo's :)
I'm sure the light up laser swords may have
had something to do with that,
but they did sleep with them
and bring them to church the next day
wearing their Octo-Squad t-shirts!
Made my Nana heart happy :)

I'll show more projects and photos from Christmas
tomorrow. And stay tuned for exciting details
on the After Christmas Sew Along that I will
post about this week!!!


  1. How fun!!!!
    Ooooooo what to sew, what to sew.....

  2. Looks like a fun time was had by all Nana Claus!

  3. The octos are so cute! I can see hours of fun being had with these little guys and I'm predicting the need for repairs after some octo kung-fu! The bags are gorgeous and the apron is too cute! As always your Christmas gifts are beautiful. Looks like you made a lot of people were very happy!

  4. Very cute! The messenger bags are probably my favorites! :)

  5. you.are.so.talented!!! i wish i lived near you so i could beg for sewing lessons!!

  6. Awesome gifts! You did a superb job on them and I'm sure your relatives felt very loved and special upon receiving them!