Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Aprons and Motorcycles :)

I finished this bright and happy apron this morning
and it will be on it's way to it's new home today!
I always love it when a project is completed :)
I used medium weight red canvas for the body
and assorted bright reds & yellows from my stash.
I used McCalls M5551,
it's one of my favs :)

And you are probably wondering 
what aprons have to do with motorcycles?
Well my hubby is a daily rider
 and he always wants me to come along for the ride :)
So in June we went on our first ride
It was a beautiful ride on Route 66
and up the backside of Big Bear Mountain
with some twisty mountain roads!
Round trip from our driveway and back home again
was almost 300 miles!
Nothing like "easing" my way into this, huh?
Let's just say that it hurt to sit down for a few days after that :)
The Chapter is celebrating their 10 year anniversary in August
and I've decided to make a couple of aprons 
and matching pot holders for their raffle.
The "Route 66" fabric will be a man's bbq apron.
And the "Cruiser" fabric will be paired with polka dots
and be another Pretty Ditty apron.
Should be FTS (fun to sew)  for sure :)

Here's a shot of me at our first rest stop of the day.
At this point I was still feeling pretty sassy!
I'm pretty sure my "behind" fell off somewhere around Bakersfield!
The next ride is this Saturday.....
wish me luck!!!


  1. Pretty apron!
    and I wish you smooth riding and no butt pain.
    Do you have a pic of you and the ol' man on a bike together? I HAVE got to see that!! ;-)

  2. The apron is very nice and the motorcycle club is very lucky to have you to sew up a storm for them. Again, Obi Wan I wish I was as fast as you. My skill level is no where near yours, but if I hang around you and Oma long enough (the rest of my life; God willing) I will become good and quick :-)♥!

    You are definitely a hot motorcycle Mama :-)!

  3. Hey Hot Mama! Love the red apron with the flowery fabric. It's one of my favorite fabrics. So happy and cheery!

  4. Another awesome apron! You're on a roll! Can't wait to see the motorcycle mania! Hope you find a way to keep your tushee from getting sore. ;)