Thursday, July 19, 2012

July TUSAL and my work in progress :)

It's time again to show my ORT's (old ratty threads)
I've got quite a bit as I've been stitching almost every night!

Today I'm working on some more project bags.
I just love the dark red fabric. 
I would totally LOVE 
to have all those beautiful reds in my collection!
These 2 bags are pretty much done
except for the wool felt hearts for the zipper pulls.
These are 4 more that I am still working on.
If you are interested in any of them,
they are for sale.
Just shoot me an email.

I'm loving my own project bag
that I made last week.
Keeps all my cross stitch supplies safe 
and clean and out of my dog's mouth :)
My friend Marcia uses hers for 
a "Sewing Work in Progress" bag.
At 13" by 11" they are handy for all sorts of crafts.
I have the Brown & Pink and the Dark Chocolate Brown linen
 still available from my last batch 
and you can see them  here

And last, but not least,
I received my threads today from
(That place is dangerous! Great prices and fast shipping......uh oh!)
I'll be starting the "leaping cat" by La D Da tonight.
It reminds me of my own kitty, Arthur :)


  1. I need to make a jor of threads too!
    You have been one busy little maker

  2. Love the red bag too! These are really nice

  3. You've been a busy little bee! Keep on going! Can't wait to see what's next! Those are some great goodies! :)

  4. I LOVE the red one with the fabric stash; it made me want to go fondle my fabric :-)! They are all totally beautiful.

    I have my quilt for Baby Bear in progress, a pair of shorts for Moon in progress and a pattern for Moon's pajamas in my project bag. I totally LOVE my bag :-)!

  5. so lovely. I still haven't got round to making mine yet! I love that fabric and spools fabric, what line is it?