Friday, July 6, 2012

Born to be wiiiiiild :)

Here is the sassy motorcycle apron 
that I finished yesterday.
I was so excited to find this deep red
with black polka dot fabric!
It co-ordinates perfectly :)
I love this fabric!
I just may need one of these for myself 
when I'm feeling a bit "wild" :)

Next I'll work on the men's apron
and then 2 sets of potholders to match the aprons.
I didn't buy enough red with black polka dots today,
but luckily the fabric sale is still on 
and I'll pick some up today :)


  1. Talk about wild...this apron is hotter than July! The woman wearing this apron will look 'sew' good!

    WOW the apron is totally GORGEOUS! I agree the polka dots totally made the fabric design pop! I love your ability to coordinate patterns and colors without making the finished product look too busy (aka...a hot mess).

  2. polkadots make almost everything better...kinda like the bacon of the fabric world

  3. Great apron! Love the fabrics and the pattern. I think I may have to get that pattern. It's really cute.
    ...and I have the "born to be wild" song in my head.... :o)