Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A productive morning :)

First of all, 
I have to say that I got quite a laugh at the comments
from my last blog post about making 512 bags!
It was an exaggeration for sure :)
My buddy Marcia uses random numbers
when she's talking about something that happened
multiple times and it always makes me laugh.
So when I said I made 512 more bags,
I really only made 7 more :)
So thanks for the laughs yesterday!
(I wish I was that fast!!!)

This morning I made 2 sets of potholders 
and a pacifier leash set.
Now it's time to get my house cleaned
and get to the grocery store
because I have dear friends coming over for dinner tomorrow!
And last but not least....

Friday is the International Quilt Festival!!!!
Wooo Hooo!!!


  1. great job!! Looking forward to dinner and the quilt show. what to pack to sew??????

  2. I totally new you did not make 512 project bags...not because could not if you set your mind too it, but I know you had other things to do too :-)!

    I love the fabric that you used for the binky bag set. Please let me know where you found it.

  3. Cute potholders. :-) Have fun with your friends!