Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Home is where your family is :)

It feels so good to have another project finished!
You may remember that back in January
I joined the Tiny Houses from Scraps QAL.
The idea was to make 365 tiny houses from scraps

by hand, 

one each day.

Clearly that didn't happen.

I made 12.......

actually 14 but the first 2 were beyond wonky
so they didn't stand a chance of being on my quilt.

One night while I was trying to sleep
the idea for this design came to me.
I used one little house for each month of the year
and embroidered the names of each family member
and their birthdays in each month.

I couldn't resist using Christmas fabric for the December house :)
I used perle cotton floss to hand quilt around the blocks and 
I made hearts in each of the 4 corners.
I appliqued "Home" and "Family" using a blanket stitch 
around each letter
and giant red rick rack to frame it out.
(I'll admit I have a slight obsession with rick rack)

I backed it in soft yellow Kona 
because it's going to hang on the wall
and I didn't see the point in a snazzy backing.
Now that it's done
I'm trying to decide if I want to paint my living room walls
before I hang this above the couch..........

I'm sure my hubby will be THRILLED 
to hear about my plans!


  1. It is absolutely wonderfully beautiful! I love it!

  2. Definitely adorable. I love the birthdays by the months. Such a creative idea.

  3. that turned out so nice. yeppers, the Joser will love the new paint scheme. lol

  4. I saw that wee houses sewalong way back when it started but knew I'd *never* get them all done so didn't make any. I love what you've done with 12 of them. What a brilliant idea! :o)

  5. It's just beautiful, and such a great idea for keeping track of birthdays

  6. Oh, how absolutely ADORABLE that is! I love it!

  7. Simply beautiful! It totally depicts the LOVE you have for your family and the LOVE that is in your family :-)♥.

  8. Hi Karen,

    I remember when you started this. Sorry I haven't visited lately, things have been really busy. Now I gotta catch up with all you've been doing. Thanks for your comments!!