Saturday, September 1, 2012

Let the fun begin!!!

Well it's finally here!
The first official day of the "bers" :)
Only 16 Saturdays left until Christmas!!!
Are you working on Christmas gifties yet?
Those of you who have been reading my blog
for a while know that I hate to pay full price.
So I have some great news to share!
Purses and totes make wonderful gifts,
so you might want to check out Michelle Patterns.
Just click the link on my right hand sidebar.
She's having a sale this weekend for 20% off using
coupon code "laborday" at checkout.
I've made several of her bags 
and her patterns are totally FTS (fun to sew)
You can see them HEREHERE, HERE, and HERE
I'll be making some more very soon :)

Now on to my work in progress.
I have the 12 months blocks hand quilted
in red perle cotton.
Now I have to decide how I want to quilt the rest of it.
Decisions, decisions..... 
I also started cutting some of my scrap fabrics into 2 1/2" squares
so that I can make some Great Granny Square blocks.
I've seen them all over the internet 
and I know I'm a little late to be jumping on that train,
 but I'm smitten now 
and I really want to give them a whirl :)
(I blame Pinterest)

I've also done a bit more stitching on my rooster. 
He's not as far along as I would like,
but I've been hand quilting at night
instead of cross stitching.
I hope you all find some time in this long holiday weekend
for some crafty goodness!


  1. I did find some time for some crafty goodness. I just wish I had some big stuff to show for it!!
    Great job on the home quilt!

  2. the quilt turned out fabtastic!, not to worry about Lories granny square quilt, there's a lot of newbeeies just jumping on board, I'm still working on mine plus she's now doing a strip quilt challenge, I can't sew fast enough lol!

  3. I am really starting to get the quilting bug. Thank you for sharing your creations and links to other creative websites and ideas. I am not going to join the quilt along, but I am going to practice my quilting skills by making Granny Squares. That is how I perfected my crochet skills when I was a little girl :-), by making Granny Squares.

  4. Your quilt is awesome.I just finished a redwork wallhanging,only the blocks and hope to set tjem nest week.

    Happy sewing!!

  5. Congratulations on finishing your Home quilt - it looks great. Your rooster is coming along nicely too - you'll be crowing about a finish for him sooner than later :)


  6. All your crafty goodness is wonderful! And thr granny square is also something I've added to my quilting bucket list.