Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Finish and A WIP

"Son of Chickens" by Prarie Moon stitched on 30 ct Lugana.

I finally finished my lovely rooster.
I have to say that I love love love him!
He's going to become a pillow for my sofa.
I'm certainly NOT in any hurry to stitch 
on black again any time soon.
It's so difficult to see what you are doing
even with my Ott Lite.
But I'm glad he's done and I love the black background :)

Now on to the WIP.....
Back in 1985 (wholly cakeballs I'm old!) 
 I made a doll carrier for my daughter
to schlep her cabbage patch dolls around in.
I'm so glad I kept the pattern all these years!

I'm only 1/2 done with this one 
and I'm making a tiny quilt for it,
 doing the hand quilting at night while the hubs watches TV.
I still need the cardboard for the bag bottom
but luckily for me, the hubs has that covered.
He installed a water heater the other day 
and bringing the box home for me :)

Having 2 granddaughters has brought back so 
many wonderful memories to me.
My daughter and her cousin are 1 year and 1 day apart
and I would sew for the both of them all the time.
They had matching outfits and so did their dolls :)
Now I have Sofie and Evie to sew for 
and I'm SO enjoying it!
Since they both walking now
and both recently learned to say "baby"
it seems like they will be ready
 to have doll carriers for Christmas :)
I can't wait to finish them both up!
The second one is cut and ready to start sewing.
This one should be done in another day or so.

Once these are done,
I'll have to get started on making the dolls :)
I found the cutest pattern on etsy.
Can't wait to show you!

Happy sewing everyone!!!


  1. Just awesome! I love your rooster. I hear you about stitching on black. I cross stitched an eagle on black once. Never again, but it looked really cool.

  2. Very very nice Nana! The girls are going to love them!

  3. oh how fun. sophie and Miranda are three months apart and they have American girl dolls, all four of them would get Easter outfits and sophie and josefina had matching bridesmaid dresses. I repeat, how fun!
    nice chicken too

  4. Karen, the rooster is simply GORGEOUS! The butt pain you encountered while stitching it was worth the outcome...a really beautiful handcrafted joy :-).

    Boy howdy I would totally like to chat you up about the doll carrier. Moon is into doll babies and being mom. She has a stroller and takes her babies grocery shopping in the driveway, to the mall, etc. you get the picture. I would love to make her one for Christmas.

    Great job Nana :-)!

  5. Enjoy your blog. Instead of cardboard I have used the plastic canvas before. Cuts easily and it helps that the holes are there to keep you cutting straight.

  6. Congrats on your finish! That doll carrier is the cutiest!