Thursday, November 1, 2012

8 more Saturdays.......

Can you believe it's November 1st?
I know you may not want to hear this 
but that means only 8 Saturdays left before Christmas!
I know....right?
I still have lots to do.
My crazy dream is to be done with all my Christmas projects
by the end of November (for the first time ever)
and just spend the month of December
enjoying all the wonders of the season
with my fantastic grandchildren.
We'll see how that all works out...ha!

When my friend died last month
it made me realize (again) that each day is a gift from God
and only He knows the number of our days.

It also made me think about the fact
that there are a couple of things that I would 
really like to change in my life.

Which reminds me of a movie quote from
 Grumpy Old Men
when Burgess Meredith says
"You can wish in one hand, 
and crap in the other......
which one do you think will fill up first?"

I can wish all day long 
that things will change,
but in the end I have to make those changes.

Some people have a lengthy "bucket list".
I'm a simple girl. 
I don't want to sky dive,
or zip line through the canopy of the Rain Forrest.

I feel so incredibly blessed in this life.
Right now there are only 2 things on my list.

First, I'd like to be physically fit.
I have spent the past year changing my eating habits
and that has been so incredibly hard,
but so incredibly rewarding at the same time.
But now I need to get the whole exercise thing down.
So I joined the 24hr Fitness
and I've proceeded to destroy myself on a regular basis :)

Also I really want to get our financial house in order.
I've been reading Debt Proof Living by Mary Hunt
and I'm working towards living our lives by
10 - 10- 80.
Which means from each paycheck
you first give 10% to God, then 10% to savings
and learn to live on 80% of your income.
We've been on the 10 - 90 team for a long time.
Savings hasn't been an option.
It's amazing where you can cut expenses
when you really look at where your money goes.

I'm learning the difference between
needs vs wants.
That's a hard one for me......
(especially when fabric is on sale)

I really want to be able to look back
at the end of each day
and say to myself that I took one step forward
towards reaching my goals.

(And who knows,
if I get fit and have money in savings......
I just might decide to try that zip line after all :)


  1. Good for you! Keep workin' at it!

  2. Yay for you! You've given me something to think about. Thank you!
    and as I said already about the 8 Saturdays - hush yo self sista....way too much pressure! ha!

  3. you are a evil woman...reminding me how close Christmas is when Halloween just ended yesterday.
    The hubs and I practice 10-20-70, a bigger middle number anytime we can....sometimes smaller, but it balances out at the end of the year.

  4. 8 Saturdays - yikes! My To Make list is about 90% complete, and already underway. I've been working on it (on and off) for a while, so I'm getting there. I'd like to have everything done by November 30 too, fingers crossed :) Tonight I made 2 items on the list - flex frame bags for friends. I love marking things as done!

    I've been on an "eating plan" since June and have lost almost 35 pounds. Haven't been doing well in the exercise department, though, and still have a chunk to go, but - one day at a time. We have to look at this as a healthy lifestyle change, not a diet! I still miss junk food, though, LOL!

  5. Karen it is totally amazing that without talking or anything that our 'to do' lists are absolutely the same. Boy howdy I tell you what I am so happy you shared because we can support each other on this journey. Let's chat on Sunday about the 10-10-80 way of life because it sounds like a successful way to live.

    I only want to finish one thing for Christmas and that is Moon's doll baby carrier. Everything else can be done later because everyone knows that everyday is like Christmas to me :-)!

  6. Great goals Karen! I wish you strength. I also recommend to help keep your financial house in order. We started using it a few months ago and I cannot say enough good things about it! Good luck!

  7. Sounds like you have wonderful goals. Both we should all have.
    Can't believe only eight Saturdays lefts, OH NO.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches