Friday, February 8, 2013

Fun times ahead!

Times have been tough for many families this past year
and our household has not been immune to it.
Clearly this has been a season to lean on the Lord
and know that He is in control.
We are in good health and have a roof over our heads
and food in the pantry.
I can't complain :)
I just kept thinking that this would be
the perfect time to really work
at growing my etsy business.
God is truly blessing my efforts 
and things are really starting to pick up.
I am so thankful that He has given me 
the ability to work from home
and that He just keeps opening up
new opportunities for me that I never saw coming.
I really believe that there are fun times ahead.

Today I've added a few more bags and organizers.
There are fun fabrics for those who craft with cats
(you know who you are :)
as well as Mary Engelbreit and Warren Kimball :)

Also I've added this darling set made with imported fabric
and quilter's linen that reminds me so much
 of Little House Needleworks.
This set can only be purchased through 

I've also started a Facebook page for Sewmuch2luv
(you can click on the link above on the left)
and I should have done it long ago.
I've met some really sweet people in such a short time!
I will be offering coupon codes 
and showing new items there,
so if you are interested in hearing about specials
and coupons please join me on Facebook :)


  1. God is 'sew' good! He may not come when we call Him, but He is ALWAYS right on time!

    Give Him all the praise, honor and glory for He is good indeed ♥!

    I LOVE the cat stuff. I am a cat girl. I LOVE dogs, but the dog fabric is not as cute as the cat fabric out there :-)!

  2. Your work is so beautiful! Congratulations on your shops growth!

  3. Cats who craft with people - I mean people who craft with cats ... are the BEST! I agree with Marcia - cat fabric really IS cute - I made a bag last night with some Raggedy Anne fabric that had cats wandering around it - so cute! I'm glad your store is picking up - you deserve it, and I hope you continue to do well, YAY!

    In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that part 1 of this comment was sponsored by Zoomer, my chubby marmie sewing assistant :D

  4. Yay! Congrats Karen. All of your creations are beautiful and it is easy to see that they are a labour of love for you. All the best as your dream unfolds...

  5. I love your bags and wish you success in your business

  6. i am sew happy for you and you make quality stuff too.
    You honor the vision God gave you and the He honors win!!

  7. lovely finishes Karen.xx

  8. I like the pan separators--what a good idea. We use brewpub mats--we have way too many, but they are not really large enough.