Saturday, February 2, 2013

A "New" Old Love Affair

I know that I've mentioned before that I have a deep love
for my German Erzgebirge Nutcrackers.
So much so,
that they stay in a display case in my living room
all year long.
They are just too precious to put away.
(Yes....those are their legs in these photos)
Now I'll introduce you to my other deep love,
my flower girls.
My Mom brings home a new one for me
each year when she comes home from Germany.
I love the feel of the wood,
I love the cheerful little faces,
I love the bright colors.

Are they not perfection????

So imagine my joy when I stumbled across
Natalie Jo's ah-mazing artwork on etsy the other day.
I'm sure you can see why I have a "new" love affair!
She is right here in the USA :)
Her shop on etsy is called Piccalilli Patchwork.
She makes the most darling pincushions 
and miniature goodies! 
I fell in love with this darling pincushion,
but when I started looking at her previous works
I fell DEEP in love with "Maida".
She is a dark haired beauty 
that reminds me of my husband's Cuban heritage.
Unfortunately she was already sold....

Imagine my delight to find that Natalie Jo
has generously written a tutorial on her blog
on how to make my own!
You can purchase the doll components
already painted in her etsy shop!
I'm in heaven!
I also ordered a set of matching flower pins
that she also makes in her shop!

Look how carefully and lovingly she packaged
all my goodies! 

Can you see those tiny beads for buttons
and that is seriously the smallest gingham I've ever seen!
I squealed when the package arrived!!!

It's not very often that you come across a true artisan
that truly loves what they do.
Thank you Natalie Jo!
I can't wait to get started and I'll be sharing
my photos when Maida is complete :)


  1. can't wait to see her all done and in your cabinet!
    get to makin already!

  2. can't wait to see her all done and in your cabinet!
    get to makin already!

  3. I like her lips, they are in a perfect heart shape.

  4. Love your little dolls. The sunflower one is my favorite. And your pincushion is going to be adorable! Can't wait to see her

  5. Karen these are so cute.xx

  6. I can't wait to see your finished little girl. Your collection is so cute. I think this cushion is a perfect match for you.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  7. She will be absolutely beautiful :-)! WOW those buttons are small!

    I cannot wait to see her when she is finished :-)!

  8. You are far to generous with your compliments...I fear I won't stop blushing for hours!!! I am delighted to know you are pleased with the kit goodies and I do hope you find the process of making up your little Lily to be enjoyable. The real fun, however will be once she's all done and the two of you can tackle all sorts of sewing adventures together. She'll be a good little helper, I promise!

    One more thing...I LOVE your flower girls! And just like you said their cheerful faces and happy colors are delightful. I've stumble upon a few similar German sweeties here and there but your collection is absolutely glorious (and your mom is a real dear!)

    Enjoy your week ahead,
    natalie jo

  9. Karen theses are gorgeous....I have something I would like to speak to you about..lets connect?