Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Is it just me????

Is it just me,
or do you hang on to certain fabrics because
you love them so much you can't bear to cut into them?
I bought this stinkin' adorable coffee cup fabric
with the matching red polka dots
 (red & polka dots....shocker I know)
because I love me some coffee.
I planned to make myself a fun apron.
But lets' be honest here,
I probably wouldn't wear it because
I'd be afraid to get it dirty....
So I did the unthinkable....
I cut into my precious fabric.
My hope is that someone will love it
as much as I do :)

My nutritionist says that coffee causes a gluten response
in my body, so no more coffee.
I was "coffee free" for 18 months
and then decided that maybe the good Dr. was mistaken.
I mean how can something so fantastic 
be bad for me?
So I tried it.
After 3 days of morning coffee
my fibro pains came back.
A very good reminder of what
my daily life used to be.
So now I just have to settle for the smell of coffee
while my hubby gets ready for work in the morning.
I drink tea now.
Many kinds and flavors.
It's just not coffee......*sigh*
It never will be.......


  1. The coffee fabric is too cute, but I totally ADORE the paisley fabric and how you combined it with the jumbo gold rick-rack and red poke-a-dot fabric.

    Your creativity NEVER ceases to AMAZE me :-)!

  2. Love all of these bags. Your color combos are spectacular.
    As for the coffee - I love it too but have reduced myself to 1 cup a day. I'll think of you when I drink my lattes!

  3. Adorable bags. I have been known to put a favorite fabric back on the shelf... knowing full well that it is silly but some days I just can't cut bear to cut into it.

  4. sorry about the coffee ... I too have secondary fibro .. after palindromic arthritis ... but luckily I can drink tea and coffee too but mainly tea ... always got the kettle on if you care to join me :) lovely wee bags and I have a hard time cutting into lovely fabric too :) love mouse xxxxx

  5. I know just how you feel about fabric, there are some that I love to much to cut. I take them out and think about it occasionally but the thought is painful. I love the little bag with the russian dolls and gingham trim, so pretty and springlike.

  6. I know exactly how you feel about fabric. Alas, it was meant to be used even though it is painful to cut into it. lol

  7. I get not wanting to cut the fabric thing, I have notebooks too nice to write in I don't want to 'spoil' them, i can see it happening with fabric too.
    The colour combo on the bags is beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous pouches...Love all the fabrics. Is it the caffeine in the coffee that bothers you or the actual coffee itself? This is very intresting to hear...

  9. I have fabric like that - 8 yards of it!!! How can I hoard such a huge, beautiful piece of fabric??? Dumb of me!

  10. such cute bags,well done.xx

  11. The coffee's cute but I want to smooch those adorable owls! Lovely coordinating fabrics too. You have a great eye for mixing and matching.

  12. Love love love the Matroska bag! The owl one is adorable as well!

  13. It's not just you.... I have tons of fabric I can't bear to cut afraid once I do, i will find something I REALLY wanted to use it for. It must be some type of OCD :)

  14. I love the fabrics and the bag design. Do you have the reference to the pattern? I'll love to have it. Also, where id you got the Russian doll fabric? It's gorgeous!

  15. Hi Iraelia - Thank you so much :) The pattern is my own design. And the fabric was purchased at a local fabric shop and they are all out of it. I wanted to buy more and it's gone. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Maybe I'll make the pattern available in my shop as a pdf download if enough people are interested?

  16. Hi Karen, I love the little bags that you have made. I have a really pretty apron that I don't wear because I don't want get something on it. Have you tried peppermint tea? I have cut back on the coffee that I drink. I went to drinking instant that way I don't drink that much. Have a wonderful day. Your Missouri Friend.

  17. Hey there Karen ahh I would miss my coffee to...seem to have to have 2 cups a day of half decaf and I would miss it terribly...very cute bags.

  18. Love your zip bags. The fabric combinations are great.

  19. Wow! You made so many very sweet pouches ; )

  20. Very interesting to learn that the elimination of coffee helped so much. I have not heard of a 'gluten response'. I will have to check it out. Such pretty pouches. Do you sell them?

  21. They all look beautiful as always! I love all the combos! :)

  22. I love the deep red one with the pink flowers! Gorgeous!!

    My motto this year is Love it.Buy it.Use it. It's still hard though. =)

  23. I love fun, whimsical fabrics like the ones you used above. I have a yard of owls in coffee cups from Spoonflower that I haven't been able to bring myself to cut into. I know I want to make a bag/pouch of some sort but I'm waiting for the perfect one :) I think a pouch was a great choice for your coffee fabric!

  24. Love all the fabrics. Sorry about the coffee. Don't understand since I don't like the stuff I would rather have tea.
    Teresa's Heartfelt Stitches

  25. amazing! the coffee fabric is very pretty!
    you're right like you i'm not able to cut some fabric!

  26. No coffee????? oh no! I would freak out if my doctor told me that!!! No, I wouldn't, I'd just learn to not drink it! Sorry you can't have coffee any more, but I am glad you shared your little bags -- absolutely adorable!!!!! Love all the different fabrics.

  27.'s me too! At one time I thought to make a napkin out of each fabric favorite. The table would look so cute and patchworky your apron issues I feared the inevitable stains the would certainly collect compliments of my not so wee children and my not so careful hubby!

  28. Wow-these bags are SO cute, and yes...I have certain fabrics that thrill me and I hang on and on! -Derrith