Friday, April 5, 2013

Beautiful Springtime!

Today I tagged along with my Daughter
and Daughter in law as they took all 6 grandchildren
on a homeschool fieldtrip to the Flower Fields
in Carlsbad, CA.
I had to get up before the crack of dawn
for our 2 hour drive to Carlsbad.
But as you can see,
it was well worth it.

There were birds of all kinds
and even CHICKENS!!!
I'll admit it,
I have chicken envy.
Maybe one day I'll have a chicken or two.......

I'm in awe of God's handiwork!

The children learned about different kinds of flowers
and where they came from
and really enjoyed smelling the roses.
My Mom came along for the adventure as well :)

My 3 oldest grandsons,
Elijah, Caleb and David.

Little Miss Evie wanted to smell every single bloom :)

I love it when the little girls hold hands.
I can only image the fun they will have growing up
just 7 weeks apart in age :)

Miss Evie and Miss Sofie love love love their Oma :)

How cute is this?
Elijah, the oldest,
looking after his cousin Evie, the youngest.
Makes my Nana heart happy :)

Now it's "man time".
Just 4 cousins...hangin' out :)
Elijah, Caleb, David and Gabriel.

What a blessed day!


  1. What fun day with four generations. I have not been to Carlsbad to see the flowers in years. I must go again.

  2. What a beautiful adventure and I'm sure it smelled wonderful!

  3. how fun! I wonder if we have some flowers up here somewhere? I can't wait until my grand walks! you are truly blessed!

  4. Oh my goodness, they are as sweet as the flowers! I just love when they are little and watch over each sweet!
    Looks like you had a beautiful day and waking up early was sooo worth it. Miss Evie smelling the blooms is too cute!

  5. A fun day and it looks like some beautiful flowers too.

  6. the flowers are breath taking. God's handiwork is certainly glorious!

  7. Everyone should see the flower fields in Carlsbad. Pictures never do justice to what the eyes behold. The kids are cute too.

  8. OOoOooo gorgeous flowers - but the kids are totally adorable!

    Spring isn't quite firm here yet - we keep on having mini backslides. One local weatherman said it quite well ... "Nice winter we're having this spring!" - sadly, very accurate!