Friday, April 12, 2013

Men, Men, Men, Men :)

I don't often sew for men.
From time to time I'll sew some pajama pants
or a shirt or two.
Last year for Father's Day I made mug rugs for my guys.
The year before it was cup cozies.
So I thought why not make a few mug organizers
geared more towards men for the shop?
It's a fun little gift and you can combine it
with an awesome pen
or fill it with their favorite snacks.
I think I'll make one for my hubby
as a safe place to keep his reading glasses.
(Not that he's getting old and needs glasses to read or anything :)

I liked the idea of the wine corks
paired with quilter's linen. 
And I don't know about your man,
but my hubby has a watch addiction :)

Then of course there are the Trekkies :)

And last but not least,
the handy men....God bless 'em :)

I also wanted to share something AWESOME with you all.
Maybe it's just me
but from time to time
I knock my bobbin box onto the ground 
and my bobbins go flying all over the room.
And of course they unravel
as they are flying everywhere.
Drives me nuts!!!
I came across this awesome bobbin box by Dritz
when I was at Joann's the other day.
It holds 28 bobbins and sells for $7.49.
But as I always say: I never pay full price!
I whipped out my 50% off coupon 
and scored this beauty for $3.75!
The foam holds the bobbins in place.
Can you do this with your bobbin box?
It just makes me sooooo happy :)
So I'm off to buy another one
because as we all know,
28 bobbins is just simply not enough :)
Oh...I almost forgot to mention
that the lid snaps shut so even if I knock it down
those babies aren't goin' anywhere!!!


  1. ah man, I want that bobbin box! soooo cool.
    Please, don't limit the trekkieness to just guys..chicks like it too.

  2. Those are great organizers and Chris may need one for his glasses too! He has readers all over the house.
    I love the bobbin box. I have a round one that holds mine in place and I love it.

  3. This chick has Star Trek fabric because of a previous post of Karens - definite trekkie-ish type here too :D Like the idea of a project for men - they're really hard to sew for! Love the bobbin case - will look for them the next time we go Stateside - I'd need several for each of the two types of bobbins I have --- 28 per case is definitely not enough :D

  4. Did you use a pattern for your mug rugs, I just love it! Also, love, love, love that bobbin holder - I am getting a few my next Joann's visit!

  5. OMG!!!! I gotta look for one of those the next time I head to the city...I have been needing that my entire life. Oviously it had to have been invented by a sewis/seamstress/quilter not just some silly lilttle pencil pusher wanting to make a buck on some latest greatest silly little gadget.

  6. Those mug organizers are awesome, I'm always looking for a spot to drop something so it isn't 'laying around'. I need one of those bobbin boxes, now to see how much cash is in the wallet because hubby might throw a fit if he finds out I went to Joanns...again. :o) Have a great weekend.

  7. Boy howdy nice job :-)! I like the watch one; my husband has a watch fetish as well.

    I might have to purchase the watch one just because :-).

  8. Love the mug rugs, and I'd never thought of making pyjamma bottoms for a loved one before, I might have to give it a go.

  9. LOL, SO glad I not the only bobbin dumper! I will definitely be checking that out! With a coupon, LOL.

  10. Thanks for the "referral" Karen --- I got 3 of them yesterday (half the posted price from the flyer, which took a bit of finagling at the sewing store as the price on the box was different than the price in the flyer :D) - LOVE them. The bobbins fit in the foam without moving around - yes, even without the lid - and it's easy to tuck the loose end of the thread under so the cases LOOK nice. I threw away my broken-lidded plastic container, and got most of my bobbins organized. I'll get one more of these when they get more in - I use 2 different types of bobbins so I want 2 bobbin boxes for each type :) It's great that the small things make us so happy, lol!

  11. I love the bobbin box you sell your patterns? I'd love to have the patter for the cup. That's so cool! I would love to make them for the girls at work. Don't know if you'll see this post or not but hopefully you will! Love your blog! I'm a newbie and I'll be back!

  12. Wow, I need that bobbin box. We're getting a Joann's here in a few weeks, so I will be looking for that. Thanks for demonstrating. I use the donuts now but need more storage for those bobbins.