Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Peace, Hope and Love

Last night I finished "Peace"
the 3rd installment from Little House Needlework's
"Little Sheep Virtue" series.
There will be 12 in all.
Not quite sure what I'll do with them all just yet.
They finish out at 4" square.
I'm still thinking a table runner of some sort.

The chart called for teal floss and what looks like
water with 2 little fishies under the little lamb
but I wasn't feelin' it,
so I added a extra little white flower instead
and kept the green grass going all the way across.
And of course I added extra red :)
I like the way it turned out.
Now I'm waiting for the mailman 
to bring the next chart :)


  1. These3would make a darling table runner... Great idea!!!!

  2. These are darling you do great work!

  3. These are looking beautiful all together. They will be wonderful when all done.

  4. Very nice :-)! This is a runner that you can use all year round.

  5. never quite follow the rules, do ya?

  6. Just sweet , I love the changes you made !

  7. Very pretty - put them up on a design wall as you're working on them, and you might come up with the *perfect* use for them :D

  8. You KNOW the love I feel for the little sheep! They are just so awesome!!

  9. Following rules: I deviate too. LOL
    Your deviation looks great!

  10. Wonderful. They are so lovely.
    Grit from Germany