Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Tuesday :)

Happy Tuesday everyone!
Yesterday I spent a bit of time at the machine
and made these little corduroy purses 
for my little ladybugs. Evie and Sofie :)
I used NewLook 6016.
I bought the pattern for the jumper
and leggings but the little purse was a bonus.
I think next time I'll just make up a pattern of my own,
because I'd like the purses to close
and these are just open on top.
Cuteness, none-the-less :)

I also finally got around to making the 3 grocery bags
for my dear Sewista buddies
We do swaps a few times a year between the 4 of us
and this time is was grocery bags.
We used my favorite grocery bag pattern
by Michelle patterns and you can find it here.
It's quick and easy and in my opinion
it's the best one out there.
(and I've made a bunch of other ones
 and didn't like any of them)
I use mine all the time and get so many complements!

And last but not least,
I received my fabric order yesterday.
It's called Happy Together by Riley Blake
and I'm using it in an upcoming project.
Aren't those tiny houses and hexies just to stinkin' cute???


  1. Is it in the mail yet??? I don't have a trek bag yet!!! sssqquueeeeeee

  2. fyi...purses are too cute and just add some sew in magnetic snaps or velcro

  3. Adorable little purses. I was going to suggest big snaps. ;-) Love the grocery bags too. How fun!

  4. These are such CUTE little purses. I love that they're corduroy. I would never have guessed that. LOVE them.

  5. I absolutely love your blog!!!

  6. Love the little purses they are sooo cute!
    And of course I LOVE the red polka dot bag too! Thank you Karen!

  7. Lucky little ladybugs - those purses are CUTE! Will the jumpers match the purses? The shopping bags are great too - your Sewista friends will be happy to open their packages :D

  8. The purses are total cuteness indeed :-)!

    Nice job on the grocery bags Obi Wan. I think I will buy that pattern I trust your opinion about it being the best for groceries. Thank you for sharing :-)!

  9. Love those purses! Great bags! Nice eye candy :-)