Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A lot to be thankful for!

Hard to believe it's already November!
It's a time to think about all the blessings in our lives.
There is so much to be thankful for.
I am especially thankful for my November boys/men.
My firstborn, Brandon was born Nov 7, 1980.
Brandon's firstborn, Elijah was born Nov 3, 2003.
My daughter's firstborn, David was born Nov 22, 2007. (on Thanksgiving :)

That's a lot of happy to fit into one month !

I thought I'd share my progress on the DMC "Red Crockery" kit.
I'm almost done.
Just the finishing touches
and then I can add it to the stack of projects 
waiting to be finished/framed at some later date :)

Today I'm working on Christmas items for the shop.
These little felt owls are going to get added
later in the week.
The larger owl is a pin  
and the smaller owls are necklaces.

Here's a peek at another gift set in progress.
I'm loving the scissor fob that was made to match
by my friend Cherise!

So what are you thankful for today?


  1. today I am thankful you are my friend. beautiful soul that you have Karen - I am really blessed by knowing you.

  2. November is a busy month for us too. We have 2 bdays (18th and 21st) and of course Thanksgiving. I am thankful that Regena talked me into the apron swap and starting a blog because I met you and Amy and you are truly the best of friends. God Bless my friend!

  3. November is a great month for you - all those special family birthdays! Today I'm thankful for my sewy friend up the street who is going to embroider my g-nephew's name on a stocking cuff for me, and who loaned me a really cute pattern to try :) I'm thankful for the cinnamon cake I just put in the oven (not so thankful for the calories though, lol), for my husband and younger son who will be home soon and who will talk shop while I make supper, and soon I hope I'll be thankful for the safe return of our oldest son, who went to Wisconsin a few days ago to see a Packers game :D So much to be thankful for!

  4. I did what? Funny, I remember it differently. LOL
    I am thankful for everything that I have, everything I don't have, will have won't have. And best of all, fabulous crafty chicas in my family tree...yes, a nut tree.

  5. I am also thankful for my November birthdays - a niece on Nov 1 (same as mine) her dad on Nov 12, DS#2 and his wife anniversary on Nov 4, My firstborn Nov 5, My second born Nov 14, my mom on Nov 7 and I know I'm missing someone!

    I love those little owls!

  6. Your XS looks great!

    I am thankful for so many things but just a few include Jesus who gave his life for me, my family who is always there for me and my friends and the list could go on and on... ;)

  7. Excellent work Obi Wan :-)!

    I am thankful for so many things no one thing springs to mind so I will just say that I am thankful to be alive :-)!