Friday, November 15, 2013

Everything from Angels to Wild Kratts

Stocking Angels I by The Cricket Collection
I finished up this darling little angel a few nights ago.
Of course I changed the colors :)
Those french knot curls just remind me of my 
granddaughter Sofie.
How could I resist?

I also made 9 Creature Power Vests
for my oldest grandsons' birthday party.
He's a HUGE fan of the Wild Kratts.
Since there aren't any ready made vests available
his Mommy asked me to do it.
There are plenty of great tutorials online to make your own.
The kids were big fans!

Here are the "Kratt Brothers" aka "Torres Brothers" :)
They wore them every day since the party.
I also got the sweetest email from another Mom that her son
wore his to church, school and even slept in his.
I'd say that was a worthwhile project.
Makes my heart happy!


  1. how fun!!! I love it when something silly and little gets loved until it falls apart....great job nana!!

  2. How fun! I love the little angel and the Wild Kratts are wonderful. Lil Chris loves that show too.

  3. Very nice Karen :-)! I totally agree with you; the angel's hair reminds me of Miss Sofia's too :-)!

  4. I'm not familiar with the Kratt Brothers but the kids look very happy, so Nana must be happy too :D Love the curls on the little angel (says she with similar curls :D) - nice makes, Nana!