Thursday, October 31, 2013

Now why didn't I think of that????

I seriously have the BEST customers!
I had an email from a very special customer of mine
who asked me if I could make cup cozies
with artwork by Michelle Palmer
that could be made into a pin
that could be removed
and used on a jacket or scarf.

Seriously GENIUS!!!

So I contacted Michelle
and of course she amazed me again!

These little treasures measure 2" square.
How adorable on a scarf, hat or jacket?
What a neat gift idea for a friend.

I'm so happy that my customer is happy 
and she gave me a new idea!
It's a win win :)


  1. I think you are a genius to make everything look so adorable.

  2. I love it when something so simple works out to be so great.

  3. These are so cute ! It was a wonderful idea from your customer...but you are a genius when it comes to this sewing stuff and some day you would have thought of it. LOL Now you just have the idea sooner is all.

  4. LOL I like that - twofer --- a very apt description for such a cute project!

  5. Adorable! Will you be offering them (or similar ones) for sale? I like the mug cozies and really like the artwork/pin. They'd make perfect little holiday gifts.

    1. Hi Valerie :) Yes I will have a few to list next week. Have a lovely day!