Monday, April 14, 2014

Cross My Heart :)

Cross Country Stitching Magazine April 2005
I'm not really sure when cross stitching became my obsession.
I mean,
I need to stitch.....

I pretty much stitch every single evening.
I can sit quietly next to my hunky hubby

while he watches whatever
"shoot 'em up everyone dies" man movie.
We are together,
both enjoying our favorite past times
and it works for us :)

This is my current WIP.
I stitched this design a few years back
for my daughter
and I've wanted to stitch it for myself ever since.
I love the little sheep with the hearts.
I mean seriously cute right?

Hope you are all finding time to be crafty.
It's good for the soul :)


  1. Karen, this is so pretty! Is it from a CCS magazine? I'd love to know which one! Did you stitch it with the recommended threads? Just lovely!


  2. Very lovely! The sheep are darling!

  3. I love love that cross stitch that you are doing!!
    I too am in a cross stitch phrase --
    and I have decided it is 'OK'--
    hugs, di and miss gracie

  4. that is so you. I can't wait to be as disciplined as you are when it comes to nightly stitching. Great usual