Saturday, April 26, 2014

How fun are these????

Adorable, right?
These are Jamberry Nail Wraps.
I was just recently introduced to these by a friend
and now I"m addicted.
I don't paint my nails very often
because nail polish, even when dry
can rub off on fabric. (yes it's happened to me)
These are vinyl and come in over 300 styles.
AND they don't rub off on fabric!

Have you ever painted your nails and ruined them
before you even leave the house?
Or jump in the shower only to get out
and find your nails are already chipping?
I've done dishes and housework and these are still adorable!

You just heat them a bit and apply some pressure
and Voila!
They last up to 2 weeks with no chipping or peeling!
One sheet of wraps is $15.00 and you get 
2 - 3 manicures and pedicures.
WAY less than a salon manicure.
AND if you buy 3 sheets,
you get 1 free :)
I'm not selling these,
I'm just excited about the product so I wanted to share!

I'm in LOVE with these.
And even if you're having a bad hair day
your nails will always be cute!

If you live in the USA and would like a FREE SAMPLE
and want to see all the cute styles available 
and learn more about the product
you can go to : 

Scroll down the page to just under the consultant info
and you'll see a link that says "email me"
You can request your free sample in your email.

Or if you are in CANADA you can go to :
and request a sample by clicking on the "email me".


  1. So adorable! My daughter in law sells these. I painted my nails before bed one night and thought they were dry when I went to bed. In the morning it looked like I'd been tarred and feathered!

  2. Wonderful post Karen! I'll connect in a corresponding post asap!
    And yes the samples are the same!

  3. I need some of these! So cute!

  4. I honestly think Jamberry will take over the nail world!!!! my DIL just had an online party and I ended up buyng 5 packs from her!!! My daughter and I are hooked!