Monday, June 9, 2014

I'm not getting older....I'm becoming Vintage :)

I wonder why it is that when we find Vintage items
our hearts skip a beat and we like to imagine
what life was like years ago
and who owned these items.
(or maybe it's just me)
I think people should be admired
 and cherished as we age as well :)
Varicose veins are like a road map
to all the places we've been in our life.
And the wrinkles are evidence of
laughter and tears that brought us to this place in time.

Ok....enough deep thoughts for the day.
I wanted to share a few "new" Vintage items I've acquired. 

These GORGEOUS sterling silver embroidery scissors
were given to me by my awesome hubby for 
Mother's Day.
They are from Germany and very fragile.
I will just keep them safe and admire them,
but not use them.

I found this little box of threads at the Peddlers' Market
back in February.
Not sure how old it is 
and the red thread is definitely not from the original set,
 but it's red.....enough said. 

A few weeks ago the hubby and I discovered a "new to us"
Antique Mall close to our new church.
We stopped in last Sunday
and I found this darling Vintage needle book.
I love the bright colors and the graphics.
It's old and brittle so I handle it carefully :)

And yesterday we went to one of our favorite shops
and I saw these beautiful scissors in a case.
They were gray and dingy  but they had 
and warm glow like sterling silver does 
when it's tarnished.
I bought them for $18.00.
They are marked Grasoli Germany on the backside.
They have a wonderful grape vine pattern.
I brought them home and polished them
with my silver cloth and Viola!
They are sterling silver plated :)
They are sturdy and super sharp
so these will get used for sure!
From what I could find on Google
they are from the early 1900's.

God willing, one day I will have a sewing studio
with a place to display my Vintage finds :)


  1. Just like fine wine, we all get much better with age! Love your new things!

  2. Oh they are so lovely!!! I would love a studio like that one day too!!!!!

  3. Lovely things - connecting through time. Love it.

  4. I don't mind being vintage - it's better than being antique, LOL! Love both of those pairs of scissors - it would be cool to know who used them and what they made with them, decades and decades ago!

  5. Oh my goodness! Love both pairs of scissors.
    You will have the BEST! sewing room ever! It's coming... ;)

  6. Vintage is excellent! :D I wish I have your eyes for details.