Friday, June 27, 2014

Oh JOY!!!

Sometimes you come across a super talented person
and you just want NEED
 to have a piece of their amazing artwork :)
Well a blogger friend of mine, 
is amazingly talented herself, 
but her 2 daughters are pretty ah-mazing as well!
Emily, makes these fabulous
 hand stitched canvas wall art pieces
and Julianna makes the cutest sock animals!
I contacted Kimberly and asked her if Emily would consider
making a custom piece for my sewing room.
I'm SUPER excited with what she made for me!

The colors and fabric choices are perfection!
Just looking at it makes me happy.

I know I'll be pestering her for more canvases in the future!


  1. That would be a JOY to look at when you're crafting :D

  2. It's darling! The sock dog is cute too. I really like the words above the quilt

  3. It looks right at home, Karen! Emily was thrilled to dee it in pictures... thanks again!!!