Saturday, July 5, 2014

Treaures :) hubby is pretty awesome!
He is a treasure for sure :)
(He's going to kill me for posting this photo)
He had a few days off last week 
so we went to a few of our favorite antique malls.
I forced asked him to wear these fun glasses for a photo.
I had no idea at the time
that our son would use it
for his caller ID on his iPhone :)
Now every time his dad calls him
this is the photo that comes up.
I love my son :)

I wanted to share a few of the other treasures 
that made their way home with me.
As I mentioned before,
I've started collecting vintage needle books
for my future sewing studio.
Well I was SUPER excited to find 
this Western Auto needle book.
I worked at Western Auto from my first year
of high school through
getting married and both of my pregnancies.
So many fun memories and I learned so much
during my 8 years. 
How cool is that?
You just never know what you'll find! 

How cute is this Needlecraft Magazine from May 1928?
I love the graphics and the colors!
I also love love love that orange kitty
sitting next to her.
I had to say goodbye to my orange kitty, Arthur
 on May 5th of this year.
He was 14 years old and I miss him every day. 
This magazine is a large size
and measures 14" by 11"
and I plan to frame it for my future sewing room as well :)

I love the charts and old advertisements inside.
So cool! 
I think it was $6.00 well spent :)
I also have a weakness for hand stitched handkerchiefs.
It blows my mind that these beauties are all done 
by hand with super tiny stitches
and you can find them for just a few dollars.
What am I going to do with them?
I have no idea.
But I love them
and my collection just keeps getting bigger.....

And it's not just old things that make their way into my home.
How fun are these 3 patterns?
$2.00 each.....yes please!

The hubs and I fell in love with vintage match box holders recently
and started bringing them home as well.
They are made out of metal
and some have decals on the front
and some are just plain.
We found the 2 on the right 
to add to our little collection. 
And my love of vintage handkerchiefs continues.
These will be given as gifts,
tucked into a greeting card for friends
or in my purse for 
when I am overwhelmed 
by a beautiful worship song on Sunday mornings :) 

I also wanted to share pics of these adorable toy sewing machines
that we saw.
No, I didn't buy them :)

OK...I just had to share this creepy little kitty.
Who's idea was it to 
make a slot for scissors
And a pincushion on the top of her head????
Seriously people!
Is it just me?
Not cool.....


  1. I'm sure Arthur and Zoomer are having fun together @ The Rainbow Bridge - I hope they're behaving and being gentlemen :) (sniff sniff!)

    Great picture of you and hubby - I love that your son has it on his iPhone - what a hoot! Fun vintage goodies - that beige Singer looks just like my 411 :)

  2. It looks as tho you bring home the same goodies I would. I would have left the kitty too : )

  3. You are right, the kitty us ikky but you and the hubs are too cute

  4. The glasses are so funny! The kitty, not so found some great treasures!